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JimmyScarves was established in 2017, inspired in providing sharia’ compliant hijab with current trend fashion. we have grown and become one of the top hijab brands in Malaysia since our establishment.

JimmyScarves continue to move forward in offering wide collections of comfortable and affordable in trend hijab. with over than 60 collections of aesthetic designs, we believe it suits our customer well, who came from various background which enable them to be more confident and elegant in looks without compromising religious beliefs.


Kain yang selesa dipakai, mudah dibentuk dan penghantaran yang pantas oleh seller.
kain sangat best beli untuk mak, mak memang suka sangat. lain kali boleh beli lagi
sekarang pergi kerja memang pakai tudung jimmy je memang takkan cari brand lain dah. kain super duper selesa!
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