MALEEQA (All Season)


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*Material :*

Body – Premium Korean Chiffon

Awning – Soft Cotton (double stitched)



(L size)

Front – (dari bawah dagu) – 24.5inch +/-

Back – (dari atas kepala) – 39inch +/-

Face – 10.5inch – 10.75inch +/-


 ⁃ Premium quality Korean Chiffon

 ⁃ Flowy, opaque and breatheable

 ⁃ New JS signature logo for embelishment

 ⁃ Soft awning attached 


Material :

Premium Adra Satin

Measurement : 

Bidang 50’

Finishing : Baby Seam

Features :

 ⁃ Material from Adra Satin

 ⁃ Custom design prints

 ⁃ Awning easy to shape

 ⁃ Flowy and breathable

 ⁃ Jimmyscarves metaltag attached

 ⁃ Comes with 6 new colors



Arlo, Nour, Zheen, Nars, Minaa, Hayya, reddish, blast, rotary, scuba, wall, swans, chic, petunia


Instant 55", Square 50"


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MALEEQA (All Season)
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